The New Grids On The Block – Crosswords and Puzzles


Hi and welcome to the a1puzzles website. My name is Tony McDermott.

One of my main hobbies over the years has been creating and solving all types of Crosswords and Puzzles. I started creating my own puzzles about 20 years ago with nothing more than a pencil, paper and of course what would nowadays seems like the stone age way of creating…a dictionary!. How things have changed!


When solving Crosswords and Puzzles my personal favorites would have to be Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Kakuro, Diagramless Crosswords and Double Acrostic Crosswords…I also  ‘attempt’ to solve most Logic puzzles. And, although I enjoy trying to solve all types of Crosswords and Puzzles I prefer to create quality puzzles for others. Recent studies have shown the many health benefits of solving Crosswords and Puzzles. As well as the benefits cited in the article they are also fun to do and can be enjoyed by anyone young or old. I also recommend that you watch the excellent documentary film called Wordplay. You can read the reviews here at IMDb or here at Wikipedia. A history of the tournament with information on past and present winners can be found here

Therefore, I have gathered all of the Crosswords and Puzzles that I have created over the years (including my own personal favorites) and decided to make them available on the internet in eBook format.


So far I have created 4 eBooked that are titled ‘The New Grids On The Block’.

Included in each eBook are Crosswords and Puzzles such as:


eBook Volume One is now available to download for FREE here:


The other 3 eBooks are on sale for the low price of $1.85 each, or you can buy all 3 for the special price of $5.45. Each eBook has 100 quality Crosswords and Puzzles that are guaranteed to keep you engrossed for many hours.

***   eBook Volumes 2, 3 and 4 now include a FREE eBook with 30 more puzzles…and you get life-time access to our Interactice Area   ***


Included in the Interactive Area is over 1300 Jigsaw Puzzles (including 100 ‘easy’ Jigsaws that are suitable for children), over 550 Sudoku puzzles, 200 Crosswords from Medium to Extra Large and 100 WordSearch puzzles that can be played online or downloaded to your computer to be played at your convenience

(eBook Volume 5 will also be available for FREE when it is finished shortly)


You can also try some FREE sample Crosswords and Puzzles that I have created in our Weekly Quiz 2014 and Weekly Quiz 2015 pages.


Click on any of the images below to view samples of the many puzzles that are featured in each eBook.